PARADE DATE: First Saturday in December

Parade SET-UP TIME: 4:00PM | Parade START TIME: 6:00PM



This map is for use at 4:15pm when the Stagin Set-Up of the Entries begins. Please remember that the side streets are closed early. The only vehicles allowed in the staging line-up area are vehicles entered in the parade. Parade Team members must be dropped off outside the barriers. They must walk to their staging area. Study the map and get with your Parade Team and inform them of where your staging area is located and also decide how they are getting to it. We ask that you plan this ahead of time so that your team is ready to move forward at the Parade Start Time of 5:30pm. Your cooperation is appreciated so that there won't be any delay to the start time of the parade.

Your position in the parade will be shown on the Line-Up List. Your staging set-up location will be based on your position in the parade and is shown on the Staging Map.

STAGING AREA RESTROOMS: A standard and handicapped bathroom is located at the corner of E. Pennsylvania and Woodland Boulevard. The bathroom in Elizabeth Hall at the corner of E. Minnesota and Woodland Boulevard is also available.