PARADE DATE: First Saturday in December

Parade SET-UP TIME: 4:00PM | Parade START TIME: 6:00PM



  • Rotary reserves the right to refuse or remove any entry that is inappropriate or that violates the rules and guidelines. The decision to remove an entry by the parade staff is final and the reason is NOT restricted to the items listed below. Entries may be disqualified prior to during or after the parade (banned from future parades)
  • No one portraying Santa Claus can appear on an entry. The committee will provide the 1 official Santa for the parade
  • Lineup is at 4pm an parade starts at 6pm
  • Entry fees are non-refundable unless the parade gets canceled
  • Your entry fee and spot are non-transferable
  • The deadline for entries is November 15th –OR- when we reach capacity for the parade
  • There will be a float captain and volunteer meeting scheduled after the registration ends and before the parade- the lineup list will be provided at the meeting
  • All floats must be family-friendly and decorated with our theme “A winter wonderland down Mainstreet”
  • Candy can be handed out from walkers in your group- no throwing from the floats or the walkers
  • No flyers, handouts, or brochures
  • Music should be tasteful, family-friendly and we prefer to keep it Christmas music
  • Marching units and Band units may only stop twice during the parade, for a maximum of 1 minute per stop, the preferred stopping places are Church Street and New York Ave.
  • No stopping for unapproved reasons or performances by any entry
  • No alcohol consumption on floats
  • Motorized floats should run with running lights only, no headlights
  • No open flames are permitted on floats
  • No air horns
  • No jumping off a float during the parade
  • Please maintain 10 feet in between floats
  • 5 MPH is the maximum speed for the parade
  • No revving engines or squealing tires
  • We welcome sitting officials, but we prohibit anyone running for any office; officials must provide own transportation
  • Your entry to the parade is payable to DBR Charities, a 501c3.
  • Late fee for any parade fees collected after 11/15 is $25
  • NSF check returned fee $50
  • An entry constitutes
    • Marchers – walking units only
    • Cart or ATV – a single golf or utility cart or ATV
    • Auto- a single automobile
    • Float- a single oversized commercial auto, or trailer pulled by an auto or truck
    • Multiple autos need to be registered and paid for individually 
    • Marchers are included (and encouraged) for free with any paid entry
  • The Parade runs South on Woodland Boulevard from Michigan Avenue to Hubbard Avenue.
  • Disbanding
    • Please make sure to get entries out of the way of traffic
    • DIGNITARIES: Turn right onto W. Euclid Avenue and proceed to Florida Avenue and return to Flagler Hall
    • BANDS, MARCHERS& AUTOS: Turn left onto E. Euclid Avenue and proceed to Alabama Avenue and turn left or move on to Amelia and OUT OF TRAFFIC. If you plan on stopping to unload children, you may do so around the Little League Fields and the Armory. There is ample parking there. If you have parents looking for parking, they can also use the parking at Spec Martin Stadium and walk to where they are picking up their children. If your group is with a float, you will stay with your float and follow the disbanding directions for floats.
    • FLOATS: Turn left onto E. Hubbard and you will be routed to the "Float Drop off Lot". If you are a Tractor Trailer you will stay on E. Hubbard to unload. There is easy access in and out of this parking lot. There will be a safe and lighted area marked for children to wait for their parents will be Earl Brown Park, the parking lot at the SE corner of Hubbard and Orange Avenue, or Spec Martin Stadium. If you do not wish to drop off, then proceed out to Amelia Avenue.


Entries (vehicles, trucks, etc.) should be FULLY DECORATED TO REFLECT THIS YEAR'S CHRISTMAS THEME (see theme above) Note that this is an evening parade that could affect some of your decorating options.

All ENTRY vehicles should keep up with the pace of the parade adn not to exceed 5 miles and hour. A space of 20-30 feet should be kept between Entries. No squealing of tires or revvin engines.

The DeLand Christmas Parade is a "G RATED EVENT FOR ALL AGES"... No obscene language, provocative behavior, vulgar or disruptive presentations will be tolerated.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in the Annual DeLand Christmas Parade and helping to make this a fun and memorable community event for all