Disbanding Map and Guidelines

This map is for use at the end of the parade.  Please study it and get with your group to decide where you are going to park and have parents pick up their children after you have turned off the parade route.  We ask that you plan this ahead of time so you know where you are going.  Your cooperation is appreciated so that there won’t be a bottleneck at the end of the parade.  You DO NOT have to use our suggested drop off and parking ideas, but you DO have to move your entries out of the way of the traffic.

Dignitaries: you will be making a right turn onto W Euclid Ave and may proceed to Florida Ave and return to Flagler Hall

Bands, Walking Units, PWD & Decorated Autos:  You will be making a left turn onto E Euclid Ave and proceed to Alabama Ave and turn left or more on to Amelia and out.  If you plan on stopping to unload children, ou may do so around the Little League Fields and the Armory.  There is ample parking there.  Or if you have parents looking for parking, they can also use the parking at Spec Martin Stadium and walk to where they are picking up their children.  If your group is with a float, you will stay with your float and proceed to the next street.

Floats: You will be making a left turn onto E Hubbard and routed into the “Float Drop Off Lot” unless you are a tractor trailer, in which case stay on E Hubbard to unload.  There is easy access in and out of this parking lot.  There will be a safe area marked for children to wait for their parents at the SW corner of Hubbard and Alabama.  Parking for parents will be Earl Brown Park, the parking lot at the SW corner of Hubbard and Orange Ave, or Spec Martin Stadium.  If you do not wish to drop off, then you may proceed out to Amelia Ave.

We suggest you go check out the area in advance so you can plan where you will be going!