Parade Rules


  • There is only one Santa Claus in the Parade provided by the Rotary Clubs of DeLand (The DeLand Breakfast Rotary Club, The Rotary Club of DeLand (Noon Rotary) and the Rotary Club of Downtown DeLand (Evening Club)) ; we reserve the right to remove anyone resembling Santa Claus.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO THROWING OF CANDY OR ANY OTHER ITEMS from moving vehicles, floats or walking units as this could lead to serious injury to spectators. Any violations may lead to the group’s removal from the parade. NO PAPER HANDOUTS ARE PERMITTED.
  • Absolutely no jumping on or off floats or vehicles while they are in motion. PLEASE KEEP MOVING – NO STOPPING.
  • No obscene language.
  • All vehicles MUST be decorated. Note this is a evening parade, so decorate accordingly.
  • Any groups acting in an irresponsible manner will be removed from the parade.
  • All vehicle entries should keep up with the pace of the parade and not exceed 5 miles an hour. A space of 10—20 feet should be kept between entries. No squealing of tires or revving of engines.
  • All marching units performing a routine should be mindful of the time and should help facilitate the flow of the parade by NOT STOPPING for routines that cause gaps in the parade.
  • NO JUDGES STAND. Judging will be done by the community online and the winners will be published in the DeLand Beacon. Watch our website for details.
  • As stated the Rotary Clubs of DeLand are not affiliated with any religious organization so there should be no reference to our organization in any handouts by religious groups.
  • Absolutely no open flames on your entry.
  • NO PAPER HANDOUTS ARE PERMITTED. This is to help with the cleanup after the parade.

The Rotary Clubs of DeLand reserve the right to remove from the parade line-up, any entry (person, group, float, etc.) that they feel is inappropriate or who violates any of the rules & regulations.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in the 66th Annual Deland Christmas Parade. For questions check out our website at or contact one of the below listed Rotarians

Thank you!

Brian Leatherman, Lamar Peterson and Geoff Byrnes – For the Combined Rotary Clubs of DeLand