What is the Entry Form Deadline?

All forms must be RECEIVED by November 30 2016.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can e-mail Questions@delandchristmasparade.org .

What time does the parade start?

The parade beings promptly at 5:30

When will the line up be posted

We anticipate having the final line up by Friday Morning Dec 2, 2016

How do I submit an entry form?

See information in the Parade Entries menu above.

What time is the line up?

Line up begins at 4:15. Please remember that they begin closing the side streets early. The only vehicles allowed in the line up areas are vehicles entered in the parade. Participants must be dropped off beyond the barriers and must walk to their places.  See more information in the Line Up page under the Parade Entries menu above.

What is this year’s theme?

The theme for this year is “Be a Gift to our Community”

How do I know if my entry has been received?

This website will be updated once a week with entries that have been received. If additional information is required there will be a note next to the entry noting any additional information we need. The final line-up with entry numbers will be posted by Friday Dec 2, 2016

What is the parade route?

The Parade runs South on Woodland Blvd to Hubbard Ave.

Where is the disbanding area?

Dignitaries – Turn right onto W. Euclid Ave. and proceed to Florida Ave. and return to Flagler Hall

Bands, Walking Units, Pets, Wheels and Dolls & Decorated Autos – Turn left on Eucild Ave and proceed to Alabama Ave and turn left or move on to Amelia and OUT OF TRAFFIC. If you plan on stopping to unload children you may do so around the Little League Fields and the Armory. There is ample parking there. If you have parents looking for parking they can also use the parking at Spec martin Stadium and walk to where they are picking up their children. If your group also has a float you will stay with your float and follow the disbanding directions for floats.

Floats – Turn left on E. Hubbard and you will be routed tot he “float drop off Lot”. If you are a Tractor Trailer you will stay on E. Hubbard to unload. There is easy access in and out of this parking lot. There will be a safe and lighted area marked for children to wait for their parents at the SW corner of Hubbard and Alabama. Parking for parents will be at Earl Brown Park, the parking lot at the SE corner of Hubbard and Orange Ave. or Spec Martin Stadium. If you do not wish to drop off then proceed out to Amelia Ave.

We suggest that you go check out the area so you can plan in advance where you will be going!

What are the entry categories?

  • Band – Musical entry
  • Commercial Float – businesses who are entering a decorated float
  • Decorated Auto – autos decorated for the holiday no more than 2 autos per entry
  • Non-Profit Float – non profit organizations entering a decorated float
  • Pets, Wheels & Dolls – groups with pets, wheels and dolls
  • Walking Units both with and without autos

What are the fees for the entries?

  • Bands – no entry fee
  • Commercial Float $60
  • Decorated Auto – $35 per vehicle
  • Non-Profit Float $30
  • Pets, Wheels & Dolls – $5
  • Walking Unit without an Auto $20
  • Walking Unit WITH a decorated Auto $40

Who do we make checks payable to?

If you are NOT paying electronically here on our website, make checks payable to: DeLand Parade Entries, P.O. Box 1346 DeLand, FL 32721

Why do we have to provide you with accurate vehicle lengths and number of people for bands, pets, wheels and dolls?

In order to establish the parade line up and be sure that there is enough room for everyone we need accurate information.

Where do I find the parade rules?

The rules can be found by clicking on the Parade Rules tab above.

Where are the restrooms in the line up area?

There is standard and a handicapped bathroom located at the corner of E. Pennsylvania and the Boulevard. You can also use the bathroom in Elizabeth Hall at the corner of E. Minnesota & the Boulevard.